Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Ballantine)

Participants: M. E. Seni Pramoj, Thai Minister
Mr. Suni Theparaksa
Mr. Ballantine, FE
Mr. Landon

The Thai Minister and Mr. Suni Theparaksa were invited to call, as Mr. Theparaksa was about to leave Washington for Bangkok and [Page 1264] as lie might wish to have our suggestions regarding what he might usefully and appropriately say to the Thai Regent concerning our conversations with the British on the subject of Thailand or in regard to other aspects of the situation.

We gave Mr. Theparaksa and the Thai Minister to read a copy of the following transcript of our notes on comments made by Sir George Sansom on our note of March 16 [15] in which we had suggested the desirability of supporting the idea of establishing a Free Thai Liberation Committee abroad. The paper read as follows:

The British consider that the ultimate objectives of the United States and British Governments are much the same.
The British are proceeding on the assumption that there is no doubt as to the genuineness of the Regent’s desire for collaboration with the Allies.
The British feel that it is better to develop direct contact with the Regent until the time is right for establishing on a portion of liberated Thai territory a provisional government as contemplated by the Regent.

Mr. Theparaksa took notes on the paper and returned it. We told him that the foregoing represented accurately the sense but not necessarily the actual words of what Sir George had said and that we had his permission to pass on to the Thai the sense of what he had told us. We said that in passing this on we could not assume any responsibility as to British commitments.

After raising a number of questions on the three points the Thai Minister said that he considered that the first two points would be a source of encouragement to the Regent and that Mr. Theparaksa should feel that his trip had been worthwhile. He also expressed his appreciation for the Department’s helpfulness.

We said that notwithstanding Mr. Theparaksa’s departure we would hope to continue our conversations with the British, and with the Thai.68

  1. In a note of May 9, the Thai Minister expressed the Thai Regent’s “deep appreciation of the consideration and courtesy extended by the Department of State to Mr. Suni Theparaksa on the occasion of his recent visit to Washington” and “his sincere gratitude to the Department of State for its understanding and sympathetic attitude towards the aims of the Free Thais”. (892.01/5–945)