Minutes of Meetings of the American Commissioners Plenipotentiary and of the Commissioners and Technical Advisers of the American Delegation

Note Concerning the Minutes of the Meetings of the American Commissioners Plenipotentiary

The regular meetings of the American Commissioners Plenipotentiary were attended by two or more of the Commissioners, excepting President Wilson, and minutes were kept by a secretary and duplicated for distribution. The Department files contain incomplete minutes of a meeting on December 30, 1918 (see volume I, page 190). No minutes of other meetings before January 31, 1919, when the series printed in this volume begins, have been found in the Department’s files.

Questions were presented to the Commissioners in the form of numbered memoranda typed on printed forms. These forms contained a space for recording the opinion of each Commissioner and the final decision. Except for Memorandum No. 376, page 591, these memoranda have not been printed in this volume, nor has it been deemed necessary to explain fully in footnotes all matters referred to in the discussions of the Commissioners. The minutes of their discussions have, however, been reproduced substantially in full.

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