Name Locale Remarks Date
Dwight D. Eisenhower Geneva Summit conference with British Prime Minister Eden, French Premier Faure, and Soviet Premier Bulganin. July 16–23, 1955
James E. Carter Geneva Official visit; met with President Furgler. Also met with Syrian President Assad. May 9, 1977
Ronald Reagan Geneva Attended Summit Meeting (November 19-21) with Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev. Met also with Swiss President Furgler. November 16–21, 1985
George Herbert Walker Bush Geneva Discussed the Persian Gulf crisis with Syrian President Assad. November 23, 1990
William J. Clinton Geneva Met with Syrian President Assad. January 15–16, 1994
William J. Clinton Geneva Attended WTO meeting commemorating the 50th anniversary of GATT. May 18, 1998
William J. Clinton Geneva Addressed ILO Conference; met with President Dreifuss. June 16, 1999
William J. Clinton Davos Addressed the World Economic Forum. January 29, 2000
William J. Clinton Geneva Met with President Assad of Syria. March 25–26, 2000
Donald J. Trump Davos Attended the 2018 World Economic Forum. January 24–26, 2018
Donald J. Trump Davos Attended the 2020 World Economic Forum. January 21–22, 2020