Richard M. Nixon

Country Locale Remarks Date
Belgium Brussels Attended 23d meeting of North Atlantic Council; met with King Baudouin I. February 23–24, 1969
United Kingdom London Informal visit; held conversations with Prime Minister Wilson. Received by Queen Elizabeth II. February 24–26, 1969
Germany West Berlin Addressed the Bundestag on February 26. February 26–27, 1969
Italy Rome Met with President Saragat, Prime Minister Rumor, and other officials. February 27–28, 1969
France Paris Met with President De Gaulle. February 28–March 2, 1969
Vatican City Audience with Pope Paul VI. March 2, 1969
Philippines Manila State visit; met with President Marcos. July 26–27, 1969
Indonesia Jakarta State visit; met with President Suharto. July 27–28, 1969
Thailand Bangkok State visit; met with King Bhumibol Adulyadej. July 28–30, 1969
Vietnam Saigon, Di An Met with President Thieu and visited U.S. military personnel. July 30, 1969
India New Delhi State visit; met with Acting President Hidayatullah. July 31–August 1, 1969
Pakistan Lahore State visit; met with President Yahya Khan. August 1–2, 1969
Romania Bucharest Official visit; met with President Ceausescu. August 2–3, 1969
United Kingdom Mildenhall Air Force Base Informal meeting with Prime Minister Wilson. August 3, 1969
Mexico Ciudad Acuna Dedicated Aimistad Dam. September 8, 1969
Mexico Puerto Vallarta Official visit; met with President Diaz Ordaz. August 20–21, 1970
Italy Rome, Naples Official visit; met with President Saragat; visited NATO Southern Command. September 27–30, 1970
Vatican City Audience with Pope Paul VI. September 28, 1970
Yugoslavia Belgrade State visit; met with President Tito. September 30–October 2, 1970
Spain Madrid State visit; met with Generalissimo Franco. October 2–3, 1970
United Kingdom Chequers Met informally with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Heath. October 3, 1970
Ireland Limerick, Timahoe, Dublin State visit; met with Prime Minister Lynch. October 3–5, 1970
France Paris Attended memorial services for former President De Gaulle. November 12, 1970
Portugal Terceira Island (Azores) Discussed international monetary problems with French President Pompidou and Portuguese Prime Minister Caetano. December 13–14, 1971
United Kingdom Bermuda Met with British Prime Minister Heath. December 20–21, 1971
China, People’s Republic of Shanghai, Peking, Hangchow State visit; met with Chairman Mao Tse-tung and Premier Chou En-lai. February 21–28, 1972
Canada Ottawa State visit; met with Governor General Michener and Prime Minister Trudeau; addressed Parliament. April 13–15, 1972
Austria Salzburg Informal visit; met with Chancellor Kreisky. May 20–22, 1972
U.S.S.R. Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev State visit; met with Premier Kosygin and General Secretary Brezhnev. Signed SALT I and ABM Treaties. May 22–30, 1972
Iran Tehran Official visit; met with Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. May 30–31, 1972
Poland Warsaw Official visit; met with First Secretary Gierek. May 31–June 1, 1972
Iceland Reykjavik Met with President Eldjarn and Prime Minister Johanneson, and French President Pompidou. May 31–June 1, 1973
France Paris Attended memorial services for former President Pompidou. Met afterward with interim President Poher, Italian Prime Minister Leone, British Prime Minister Wilson, West German Chancellor Brandt, Danish Prime Minister Hartling, Soviet President Podgorny, and Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka. April 5–7, 1974
Austria Salzburg Met with Chancellor Kreisky. June 10–12, 1974
Egypt Cairo, Alexandria Met with President Sadat. June 12–14, 1974
Saudi Arabia Jidda Met with King Faisal. June 14–15, 1974
Syria Damascus Met with President Assad. June 15–16, 1974
Israel Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Met with President Katzir and Prime Minister Rabin. June 16–17, 1974
Jordan Amman State visit; met with King Hussein. June 17–18, 1974
Portugal Lajes Field (The Azores) Met with President Spinola. June 18–19, 1974
Belgium Brussels Attended North Atlantic Council meeting, and met separately with King Baudonin and Queen Fabiola, Prime Minister Tindemans; and with German Chancellor Schmidt, British Prime Minister Wilson, and Italian Prime Minister Rumor. June 25–26, 1974
U.S.S.R. Moscow, Minsk, Oreanda Official visit; met with General Secretary Brezhnev, President Podgorny, and Premier Kosygin. June 27–July 3, 1974