Name Locale Remarks Date
Gerald R. Ford Helsinki Attended opening session of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Met with the Heads of State and Government of Finland, Great Britain, Turkey, West Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Also met with Soviet General Secretary Brezhnev. Signed the Final Act of the Conference on August 1. July 29–August 2, 1975
Ronald Reagan Helsinki Met with President Koivisto and Prime Minister Holkeri; rested en route to U.S.-Soviet Summit. May 25–29, 1988
George Herbert Walker Bush Helsinki Summit Meeting with Soviet President Gorbachev. Issued joint statement on the Persian Gulf crisis. Also met with President Koivisto. September 8–9, 1990
George Herbert Walker Bush Helsinki Attended a CSCE Summit Meeting. July 8–10, 1992
William J. Clinton Helsinki Summit meeting with Russian President Yeltsin. Also met with President Ahtisaari. March 20–21, 1997
Donald J. Trump Helsinki Bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. July 16, 2018