Name Locale Remarks Date
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cartagena Informal visit en route to vacation in Hawaii. July 10, 1934
John F. Kennedy Bogota Met with President Lleras Camargo. December 17, 1961
Ronald Reagan Bogota Official working visit; met with President Betancur. December 3, 1982
George Herbert Walker Bush Cartagena Attended Summit Meeting on the control of illicit drug trafficking, with the Presidents of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru. February 15, 1990
William J. Clinton Cartagena Met with President Pastrana. August 30, 2000
George W. Bush Cartagena Met with President Uribe. November 22, 2004
George W. Bush Bogota Met with President Uribe. March 11, 2007
Barack Obama Cartagena Attended the Summit of the Americas. April 13–15, 2012