William J. Clinton

Country Locale Remarks Date
Canada Vancouver Summit meeting with Russian President Yeltsin; also met with Prime Minister Mulroney. April 3–4, 1993
Japan Tokyo Attended Economic Summit Meeting with the Heads of State and Government of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Also met with Russian President Yeltsin. July 6–10, 1993
Korea, Republic of Seoul Met with President Kim, addressed the Korean National Assembly, and visited U.S. military personnel. July 10–11, 1993
Belgium Brussels Attended NATO Summit Meeting. January 9–11, 1994
Czech Republic Prague Met with the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. January 11–12, 1994
Ukraine Kiev Met with President Kravchuk. January 12, 1994
Russia Moscow Met with President Yeltsin and senior Russian officials. Signed nuclear disarmament agreement with Ukraine. January 12–15, 1994
Belarus Minsk Met with Chairman Shushkevich. January 15, 1994
Switzerland Geneva Met with Syrian President Assad. January 15–16, 1994
Italy Rome, Nettuno Met with Prime Minister Berlusconi and President Scalfaro. Visited U.S. Military Cemetery. June 2–4, 1994
Vatican City Audience with Pope John Paul II. June 2, 1994
United Kingdom Cambridge, London, Portsmouth Visited U.S. Military Cemetery. Met with Prime Minister Major. Attended state dinner with Queen Elizabeth II and heads of state and government of Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and Belgium. Attended D-Day commemorative ceremonies. June 4–5, 1994
France Colleville, Paris Attended D-Day memorial ceremonies. Met with President Mitterrand and senior French officials. Addressed the French National Assembly. June 6–8, 1994
United Kingdom Oxford Received honorary degree from Oxford University. June 8, 1994
Latvia Riga Met with the Presidents of the Baltic States. July 6, 1994
Poland Warsaw Addressed the Polish Parliament and attended ceremonies commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto revolt. July 6–7, 1994
Italy Naples Met with the Prime Ministers of Italy, Japan, and Canada. Attended G-7 Economic Summit Meeting and met with President Yeltsin. July 7–10, 1994
Germany Bonn, Oggersheim, Berlin Met with Chancellor Kohl and German political leaders. Delivered a public address at the Brandenburg Gate and attended deactivation ceremony for the Berlin Brigade. July 10–12, 1994
Egypt Cairo Met with President Mubarak and PLO Chairman Arafat. October 25–26, 1994
Jordan Aqaba, Wadi Arava, Amman Attended signing of the Israel-Jordan peace agreement and addressed the Jordanian Parliament. October 26–27, 1994
Syria Damascus Met with President Assad. October 27, 1994
Israel Jerusalem Met with senior Israeli officials and addressed the Knesset. October 27–28, 1994
Kuwait Kuwait City Met with the Amir of Kuwait and addressed U.S. military personnel. October 28, 1994
Saudi Arabia King Khalid Military City Met with King Fahd. October 28, 1994
Philippines Manila, Corregidor State Visit. November 12–13, 1994
Indonesia Jakarta, Bogor Attended APEC Summit Meeting, followed by State Visit. November 13–16, 1994
Hungary Budapest Attended CSCE Summit Meeting. December 5, 1994
Canada Ottawa State visit. February 23–24, 1995
Haiti Port-au-Prince Attended transition ceremony for United Nations Mission in Haiti. March 31, 1995
Russia Moscow Summit meeting. Attended VE Day ceremonies. May 9–11, 1995
Ukraine Kiev State visit. May 11–12, 1995
Canada Halifax (Nova Scotia) Attended Economic Summit Meeting with the Heads of State and Government of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Also met with Russian President Yeltsin. June 15–17, 1995
Israel Jerusalem Attended the funeral of Prime Minister Rabin. November 5–6, 1995
United Kingdom London, Belfast, Londonderry Met with Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Major; addressed Parliament, and delivered several public addresses in Northern Ireland. November 28–December 1, 1995
Ireland Dublin Met with President Robinson and Prime Minister Bruton. December 1–2, 1995
Germany Baumholder Addressed U.S. military personnel and met with Chancellor Kohl. December 2, 1995
Spain Madrid Attended European Union Summit Meeting. December 2–3, 1995
France Paris Attended the signing of the Bosnian peace treaty. December 14, 1995
Italy Aviano Met with U.S. military personnel. January 13, 1996
Hungary Taszar Met with U.S. military personnel. January 13, 1996
Bosnia-Herzegovina Tuzla Met with President Izetbegovic and addressed U.S. military personnel. January 13, 1996
Croatia Zagreb Met with President Tudjman. January 13, 1996
Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh Attended the Summit of the Peacemakers. March 13, 1996
Israel Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Discussed cooperation against terrorism with senior Israeli officials. March 13–14, 1996
Korea, Republic of Cheju Island Met with President Kim and proposed four-nation peace talks. April 15–16, 1996
Japan Tokyo State visit. Issued joint statement on U.S.-Japanese security relations. Addressed the Diet and U.S. Navy personnel. April 16–18, 1996
Russia St. Petersburg, Moscow Attended G-7 summit on nuclear safety and held a summit meeting with President Yeltsin. April 18–21, 1996
France Lyon, Perouges, Paris Attended the G-7 Economic Summit Meeting and met with Russian Prime Minister Chernomyrdin and UN Secretary-General Boutrous-Ghali. June 27–29, 1996
Australia Sydney, Canberra, Port Douglas State Visit. Addressed joint meeting of Parliament and visited the Great Barrier Reef. November 19–23, 1996
Philippines Manila, Subic Bay Attended APEC Summit Meeting. November 24–25, 1996
Thailand Bangkok State Visit. November 25–26, 1996
Finland Helsinki Summit meeting with Russian President Yeltsin. Also met with President Ahtisaari. March 20–21, 1997
Mexico Mexico, D.F., Tlaxcala State Visit. May 5–7, 1997
Costa Rica San Jose Attended a Summit Meeting of Presidents of the Central American Republics. May 7–9, 1997
Barbados Bridgetown Attended a U.S.-Caribbean Community summit meeting. May 9–11, 1997
France Paris Attended the signing of the NATO-Russia Founding Act. May 26–27, 1997
Netherlands The Hague, Rotterdam Attended U.S.-EU Summit Meeting and commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. May 27–28, 1997
United Kingdom London Met with Prime Minister Blair and attended a Cabinet meeting. May 28–29, 1997
Spain Palma de Majorca, Madrid, Granada Vacationed with King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sophia and attended a NATO Summit Meeting in Madrid. July 4–10, 1997
Poland Warsaw Met with President Kwasniewski and former President Walesa. July 10–11, 1997
Romania Bucharest Met with President Constantinescu and Romanian political leaders. July 11, 1997
Denmark Copenhagen Met with Queen Margrethe II and Prime Minister Rasmussen. July 11–12, 1997
Venezuela Caracas Met with President Caldera. October 12–13, 1997
Brazil Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Met with President Cardosa; delivered several public addresses. October 13–15, 1997
Argentina Buenos Aires, San Carlos de Bariloche Met with President Menem; delivered several public addresses. October 15–18, 1997
Canada Vancouver Attended APEC Economic Summit meeting. November 23–25, 1997
Italy Aviano Stopped en route to and from Bosnia-Herzegovina. December 22, 1997
Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo, Tuzla Met with the Bosnian Collective Presidency and with Bosnian Serb President Plavsic; visited U.S. military personnel. December 22, 1997
Ghana Accra Met with President Rawlings; visited a Peace Corps project. March 23, 1998
Uganda Kampala, Kisowera, Mukono, Wanyange, Entebbe Met with President Museveni and with the Presidents of Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and the Congo. March 23–25, 1998
Rwanda Kigali Met with President Bizimungu; delivered a public address. March 25, 1998
South Africa Cape Town, Johannesburg Met with President Mandela; addressed joint session of Parliament. March 25–29, 1998
Botswana Gaborone, Kasame Met with President Masire; visited Chobe National Park. March 29–31, 1998
Senegal Dakar, Thies, Goree Island Met with President Diouf; visited Senegalese peacekeeping troops; delivered several public addresses. March 31–April 2, 1998
Chile Santiago State visit; attended the Second Summit of the Americas. April 16–19, 1998
Germany Berlin, Potsdam, Frankfurt, Eisenach Met with Chancellor Kohl; commemorated 50th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. May 12–14, 1998
United Kingdom Birmingham, Weston-Under-Lizard, London Attended G-8 Economic Summit and U.S.-EU Summit. May 14–18, 1998
Switzerland Geneva Attended WTO meeting commemorating the 50th anniversary of GATT. May 18, 1998
China, People’s Republic of Xian, Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong State visit. June 24–July 3, 1998
Russia Moscow Summit meeting with President Yeltsin. September 1–3, 1998
United Kingdom Belfast, Armagh, Omagh Met with Prime Minister Blair and Northern Irish political leaders; addressed the Northern Ireland Assembly. September 3, 1998
Ireland Dublin, Adare, Limerick, Ballybunion Met with Prime Minister Ahern; delivered several public addresses; played golf. September 3–5, 1998
Japan Tokyo Met with Emperor Akihito and Prime Minister Obuchi; addressed American Chamber of Commerce. November 19–20, 1998
Korea, Republic of Seoul, Osan Met with President Kim Dae Jung; addressed U.S. military personnel. November 20–22, 1998
Israel Jerusalem, Masada Met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and senior Israeli officials. December 12–15, 1998
Palestinian Authority Gaza, Bethlehem, Erez Addressed Palestine National Council; attended a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chairman Arafat at Erez. December 14–15, 1998
Jordan Amman Attended the funeral of King Hussein. February 8, 1999
Mexico Merida State visit. February 14–15, 1999
Nicaragua Managua, Posoltega, El Porvenir Discussed reconstruction aid with President Aleman. March 8, 1999
Honduras Soto Cano Air Base, Tegucigalpa Discussed reconstruction aid with President Flores; addressed U.S. military personnel. March 8–9, 1999
El Salvador San Salvador Addressed Legislative Assembly. March 10, 1999
Guatemala Guatemala City, Antigua Attended Central American Summit. March 10–11, 1999
Belgium Brussels Discussed the Kosovo conflict with NATO officials. May 4, 1999
Germany Frankfurt, Ramstein Air Force Base, Spangdahlem Air Force Base, Bonn, Ingelheim Addressed U.S. military personnel; met with Chancellor Schroeder; met with Kosovo refugees. May 4–6, 1999
Switzerland Geneva Addressed ILO Conference; met with President Dreifuss. June 16, 1999
France Paris Discussed peacekeeping in Kosovo with President Chirac and Prime Minister Jospin. June 16–17, 1999
Germany Cologne, Bonn Attended G-8 Economic Summit meeting. June 17–21, 1999
Slovenia Ljubljana Met with President Kucan, Prime Minister Drnovsek, and President Djukanovic of Montenegro. June 21–22, 1999
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Skopje Met with President Gligorov; addressed Kosovar refugees and NATO military personnel. June 22, 1999
Italy Aviano Addressed U.S. military personnel. June 22, 1999
Morocco Rabat Attended the funeral of King Hassan II; met with Palestinian Authority President Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Barak. July 25, 1999
Italy Aviano Stopped en route to Sarajevo. July 29–30, 1999
Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo Attended Stability Pact Leaders Conference. July 30, 1999
New Zealand Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch Attended Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders meeting; State visit. September 11–15, 1999
Canada Ottawa, Mont Tremblant Working visit. Met with Prime Minister Chretien and Quebec Premier Bouchard, attended Federalism Conference at Mont Tremblant, and dedicated new Embassy building. October 7–8, 1999
Norway Oslo State visit. Attended commemorative ceremony for former Israeli Prime Minister Rabin; discussed Chechnya crisis with Russian Prime Minister Putin. November 1–2, 1999
Turkey Ankara, Izmit, Ephesus, Istanbul State visit and attended Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Summit meeting in Istanbul. November 15–19, 1999
Greece Athens State visit. Met with Prime Minister Simitis. November 19–20, 1999
Italy Florence Attended conference on Progressive Governance for the 21st Century. November 20–21, 1999
Bulgaria Sofia Met with President Stoyanov and Prime Minister Kostov. November 21–23, 1999
Serbia-Montenegro (Kosovo) Pristina, Urosevac, Camp Bondsteel Met with Kosovar Transisional Council; addressed the Albanian community and U.S. military personnel. November 23, 1999
Switzerland Davos Addressed the World Economic Forum. January 29, 2000
Italy Aviano Air Base Stopped en route to India. March 18, 2000
India New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bombay Met with President Narayanan; signed Joint Statement on Energy and the Environment; addressed the Indian Parliament. March 19–25, 2000
Bangladesh Dhaka Met with President Ahmad and Prime Minister Hasina. March 20, 2000
Pakistan Islamabad Met with President Tarar and General Musharraf; delivered radio address. March 25, 2000
Oman Muscat Met with Sultan Qaboos bin Said en route from Pakistan to Switzerland. March 25, 2000
Switzerland Geneva Met with President Assad of Syria. March 25–26, 2000
Portugal Lisbon Attended U.S.-European Union Summit Meeting; met with Israeli Prime Minister Barak. May 30–June 1, 2000
Germany Berlin, Aachen Met with President Rau and Chancellor Schroeder; received Charlemagne Prize, and attended a Third Way Conference. June 1–3, 2000
Russia Moscow Summit meeting with President Putin; addressed the Duma. June 3–5, 2000
Ukraine Kiev Met with President Kuchma. June 5, 2000
Japan Tokyo Attended the funeral of former Prime Minister Obuchi. June 8, 2000
Japan Nago (Okinawa) Attended the G-8 Economic Summit. July 21–23, 2000
Nigeria Abuja, Ushafa Met with President Obasanjo and addressed the National Assembly. August 26–28, 2000
Tanzania Arusha Met with former South African President Mandela to promote a peace agreement for Burundi; also met with President Mkapa. August 28–29, 2000
Egypt Cairo Briefed President Mubarak on the Middle East Peace Process. August 29, 2000
Colombia Cartagena Met with President Pastrana. August 30, 2000
Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh Attended Israeli-Palestinian Summit Meeting. October 16–17, 2000
Brunei Darussalam Bandar Seri Begawan Attended APEC Leaders' Meeting. November 14–16, 2000
Vietnam Hanoi, Tien Chau, Ho Chi Minh City Met with President Tran and delivered several public addresses. November 16–19, 2000
Ireland Dublin, Dundalk Met with Prime Minister Ahern and delivered several public addresses. December 12, 2000
United Kingdom Belfast, London, Coventry Met with Prime Minister Blair and Northern Irish political leaders in Belfast, met with Queen Elizabeth II, and made a speech at the University of Warwick. December 12–14, 2000