Name Locale Remarks Date
Herbert C. Hoover Rio de Janeiro Good will trip. [Visit made as President-elect.] December 21–23, 1928
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Rio de Janeiro Addressed Brazilian Congress. November 27, 1936
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Belem Overnight stop en route to Casablanca. January 12, 1943
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Natal Informal visit; met with President Vargas. January 28, 1943
Harry S Truman Rio de Janeiro State visit; addressed Rio de Janiero Conference for the Maintenance of Continental Peace and Security and the Brazilian Congress. September 1–7, 1947
Dwight D. Eisenhower Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo Met with President Kubitschek and addressed Brazilian Congress. February 23–26, 1960
James E. Carter Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro Official visit; met with President Geisel and addressed Brazilian Congress. March 29–31, 1978
Ronald Reagan Brasilia, Sao Paulo Official working visit; met with President Figueiredo. November 30–December 3, 1982
George Herbert Walker Bush Brasilia Met with President Collor de Mello and addressed a Joint Session of the Brazilian Congress. December 3–4, 1990
George Herbert Walker Bush Rio de Janeiro Attended the Earth Summit Meeting. June 12–13, 1992
William J. Clinton Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Met with President Cardosa; delivered several public addresses. October 13–15, 1997
George W. Bush Brasilia Met with President Lula da Silva. November 5–6, 2005
George W. Bush Sao Paulo Met with President Lula da Silva. March 8–9, 2007
Barack Obama Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro Met with President Roussef. March 19–21, 2011