Name Locale Remarks Date
Lyndon B. Johnson Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville State visit; met with Governor General Casey and Prime Minister Holt. October 20–23, 1966
Lyndon B. Johnson Canberra Attended funeral of Prime Minister Holt and conferred with other attending heads of state. December 21–22, 1967
George Herbert Walker Bush Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne Met with Prime Minister Keating and senior Australian officials; addressed the Australian Parliament. December 31, 1991–January 3, 1992
William J. Clinton Sydney, Canberra, Port Douglas State Visit. Addressed joint meeting of Parliament and visited the Great Barrier Reef. November 19–23, 1996
George W. Bush Canberra Met with Prime Minister Howard and addressed Parliament. October 22, 2003
George W. Bush Sydney Attended APEC Leaders’ Meeting. September 3–8, 2007
Barack Obama Canberra, Darwin Met with Prime Minister Gillard. Announced a new military cooperation agreement. November 16–17, 2011
Barack Obama Brisbane Attended a G-20 Summit Meeting. November 15–16, 2014