740.00119 P.W./8–1645

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Southeast Asian Affairs (Moffat)

Participants: Mr. Seni Pramoj, Thai Legation;
Mr. Luang Dithakar Bhakdi, Thai Legation;
Mr. Abbot Low Moffat, SEA.

The Minister called by appointment at his request and handed me a copy of a telegram from Ruth which he had received from OSS. The message asked him to secure a public statement from the United States along the line promised in Mr. Grew’s message of May 28, 1945 as the time now seemed opportune, and if possible, from the British along the lines of Sir George Sansom’s statement that British and American ultimate aims are generally similar. The message also included an offer to direct the Thai resistance movement, together with the military and the police, to act with the allies, if desired, in disarming the Japanese, and included a statement of authority to negotiate with the British and American Governments for such statements.

The Minister then said with considerable excitement that they had just received the first message direct from Bangkok—a coded R.C.A. message from the Foreign Minister10 announcing that Thailand had disavowed the declaration of war against the United States and Great Britain11 and repudiated the agreements made with Japan by the Pibul administration and all acts flowing therefrom prejudicial to the allies. I indicated my personal view that this should be presented to the Department by note; and that without a particular reason, such as a note, it would be difficult for the Government to issue a statement along the lines desired; that, however, possibly I might be able to arrange for the Minister to hand such note to the Secretary personally and to secure a public statement by the Secretary.12 I explained, however, that I thought it might be necessary for us to clear any statement with the British so as not to cause any possible difficulties between the countries which might arise from unilateral action by us.

The Minister stated that he proposed to leave a note not only with us but also with the embassy of each government at war with Thailand.

A[bbot] L[ow] M[offat]
  1. Phya Sisena Sombatsiri, also known as Phya Si Sena.
  2. On August 16.
  3. For texts of note of August 17 by the Thai Minister and the statement by the Secretary of State released August 20, see Department of State Bulletin, August 19, 1945, p. 261. For Department statement of August 28 on the resistance movement in Thailand during the war, see ibid., September 2, 1945, p. 338.