740.0011 PW/8–1545: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

6922. British Embassy has informed us6

that FonOff has authorized Mountbatten7 personally to advise Ruth to make announcement as soon as possible after final Japanese surrender disavowing Thai declaration of war upon Great Britain and United States and all measures flowing therefrom which may operate to prejudice of Allies, repudiating alliance and all other agreements with Japan, placing Thailand and its armed forces at service of [Page 1279] Allies, and declaring his readiness to send a representative immediately to Kandy to get in touch with Allies. British suggested that announcement might also state that Ruth had informed British and American Governments at an earlier stage that resistance movement wished to initiate overt action against the enemy and refrained only on express request of Allies for operational reasons.
That FonOff also informed Mountbatten if Ruth takes necessary initiative as advised, British are disposed, because of support by Thai resistance movement and of Allied request not to take action last May, to forego pressing for separate act of unconditional surrender which under existing circumstances would be considered normal procedure, and to mold their policy according to Thai readiness to make restitution for the past and to cooperate for the future.
That if Ruth follows advice and sends representative to Kandy, British propose to communicate with Dept before commencing negotiations regarding the terms on which they would be prepared to terminate state of war.

  1. On August 14.
  2. In telegram 7072, August 21, 1 p.m., to London, the Department stated: “Through error in reading code word Mountbatten was incorrectly referred to in paragraph (a) of Deptel 6922, August 15. Instructions were directed to a British officer understood to be in contact with Ruth to offer as his personal advice to Ruth the suggestions outlined. Same error appears in last sentence Deptel 6932, August 16. The Thai Minister has been informed of error. Reference to Mountbatten in paragraph (b) of Deptel 6922 is correct.” (740.0011 PW/8–2145) For telegram 6932, see infra.