Memorandum by the Acting Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Lockhart) to the Under Secretary of State (Grew)

On May 3, 1945, the Thai Minister was informed of United States decision to provide, through OSS, aid to resistance forces in Thailand consistent with other theater requirements and within the resources available to General Sultan, and that General Sultan had been so informed.

On May 9, a message for the Minister from Ruth was received,79 expressing gratitude and stating “that such aid will be invaluable to the Thai in their struggle against the Japanese if it can be rendered soon enough”. (Substance transmitted by Thai Minister on May 15.80)

On May 15, a message was received81 regarding the Thai plan of operations and stating that “Ruth is anxious that action be taken as soon as possible, as a crisis is developing here”.

The attached message82 would appear to explain the nature of the “crisis”. However, it should be noted that no intelligence reports indicate any approaching crisis, and it is interesting, in this connection, that the Japanese raised no objection to the Thai action in taking the German diplomatic and consular officials into protective custody, impounding their records, and taking over German property in Thailand. An inquiry has already been instituted as to the nature of the “crisis”, and a report should be received shortly.

It is also noted with interest that this message was not sent through the Thai Minister in Washington, as have other recent messages for the Secretary from Ruth. It is possible that this message is primarily designed to put pressure on the Allies to expedite the furnishing of supplies to resistance forces (the British not yet having reached a decision on this point although it has been recommended by Lord Mountbatten), and to hasten political decisions and action by the United States and Great Britain.

SP is preparing a memorandum of recommended action which will be submitted shortly.83

Frank P. Lockhart
  1. OSS message of May 9 not printed.
  2. Message from Thai Minister not found in Department files.
  3. OSS message of May 15 not printed.
  4. See message received by the Department on May 21, quoted in memorandum of May 28, infra.
  5. Memorandum of May 26, not printed; it submitted to the Under Secretary of State a proposed reply to the Regent’s message quoted in memorandum infra. (The name of the Division of Southwest Pacific Affairs (SP) was changed to the Division of Southeast Asian Affairs (SEA) on May 26.)