340.1115A/553: Telegram

The Consul General at Stockholm (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

81. Following summary regarding evacuation Americans my despatch 432, February 26.29 Notice sent Americans January 24 resulted in returning home about 200. Notice sent out April 16 and uncertainty present situation has caused many others plan return home; about 60 Americans intend leave soon as they get German visas which still take about 2 weeks to obtain, many others have sent their families to places interior Sweden considered safe; have made every possible plan aid Americans who may be left here to evacuate from Stockholm in case of emergency, April 16 notice gave details of these plans and other advice; see also my despatches October 20, October 26, April 19.30

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Have arranged with Foreign Office that Swedish Consul Oslo give visas all Americans in Norway desiring come here provided passports vouched for by our Legation Oslo. Foreign Office expects American Government will repatriate any such Americans who are unable arrange own passage.

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