340.1115A/547: Telegram

The Minister in Greece (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

71. Department’s telegram No. 66, April 19.23 It is provisionally estimated that of about 140 Americans here and 40 in Salonika not more than 60 would desire to leave even if hostilities were extended to this area. These figures do not include persons of dual nationality of whom there are perhaps 3,800 nearly all with established domicile in Greece. As long as Mediterranean shipping continues to operate, vessels of the American Export Line can be counted on to handle evacuation. Thereafter with Mediterranean Sea and European routes impracticable American citizens still in Greece may have to remain for the duration. Possibilities of overland travel to India may exist so long as transport in the Aegean or in Thrace is feasible and this is being studied.

In view of recent developments I called a confidential meeting of the committee of keymen on April 16 and another is scheduled for the 22d after which it may be possible to report more fully.

  1. See footnote 22, p. 79.