Harry S. Truman

Country Locale Remarks Date
Belgium Antwerp, Brussels Disembarked en route to Potsdam. July 15, 1945
Germany Potsdam Potsdam Conference with British Prime Ministers Churchill and Attlee and Soviet Premier Stalin. July 16–August 2, 1945
United Kingdom Plymouth Informal meeting with King George VI. August 2, 1945
United Kingdom Bermuda Informal visit; met with the Governor of Bermuda, Admiral Sir Ralph Leatham, K.C.B. and inspected U.S. military facilities. August 22–30, 1946
Mexico Mexico, D.F. State visit; met with President Alerman. March 3–6, 1947
Canada Ottawa Official visit; met with Governor General Alexander and Prime Minister Mackenzie King. June 10–12, 1947
Brazil Rio de Janeiro State visit; addressed Rio de Janiero Conference for the Maintenance of Continental Peace and Security and the Brazilian Congress. September 1–7, 1947