John F. Kennedy

Country Locale Remarks Date
Canada Ottawa State visit; addressed joint session of Parliament. May 16–18, 1961
France Paris State visit; addressed North Atlantic Council and met with President De Gaulle. May 31–June 3, 1961
Austria Vienna Met with President Schaerf and held talks with Soviet Premier Khrushchev. June 3–4, 1961
United Kingdom London Private visit; met with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Macmillan. June 4–5, 1961
Venezuela Caracas Met with President Betancourt. December 16–17, 1961
Colombia Bogota Met with President Lleras Camargo. December 17, 1961
United Kingdom Bermuda Met with Prime Minister Macmillan. December 21–22, 1961
Mexico Mexico, D.F. State visit; met with President Lopez Mateos. June 29–July 1, 1962
United Kingdom Nassau (The Bahamas) Conferred with Prime Minister Macmillan; concluded Nassau agreement on nuclear defense systems. December 18–21, 1962
Costa Rica San Jose Attended Conference of Presidents of the Central American Republics. March 18–20, 1963
Germany, Federal Republic of Bonn, Cologne, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden Met with Chancellor Adenauer and other officials. June 23–25, 1963
Germany West Berlin Delivered several public addresses. June 26, 1963
Ireland Dublin, Wexford, Cork, Galway, Limerick Addressed Parliament and visited ancestral home. June 26–29, 1963
United Kingdom Birch Grove, Sussex Informal visit with Prime Minister Macmillan at his home. June 29–30, 1963
Italy Rome, Naples Met with President Segni, Italian and NATO officials. July 1–2, 1963
Vatican City Audience with Pope Paul VI. July 2, 1963